tirsdag 15. juli 2008

Read this blog in your language

To my foreign visitors! I found this superb tip from the wonderful Anita and wanted to share it with you guys ;)

If you want to read this blog in English, German, French or any language you prefer available... Please feel free to go to:

Oversett en nettside = translate a website
Type my URL; http://skorpion71.blogspot.com/
from Norsk (bokmål)/Norwegian...
into Engelsk/English (or the language you'll like)...
then click on the button Oversett (=translate)

...Tadaaaaa.... ! Nice and easy, you're able to read my blog almost perfectly translated into the language of your choice. You'll probably experience a few funny translations here and there, but hey... Great or what? ;)

1 kommentar:

KKannDesign sa...

Helloooo..so cool!! Smile!!

Hugs n kisses


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