tirsdag 20. januar 2009

Eli is a Metal Pig in Chinese Astrology!

Dette ifølge nettstedet Chinese Horoscope som jeg oppdaget via bloggen til Monika, hi-hi! ;) Det står mye artig her og beskrivelsen om meg som person er utrolig korrekt *knegg*

Her er min skorpion forresten, he-he.. tattoo utført i USA i -94
Bilde av min ankel med skorpion og tribal lenke rundt...Her kommer litt info om meg sånn "generelt sett" i hjemmet ifølge horoskopet, hi-hi ;)

Family Life Home and Abroad
The Pig as a ParentPigs are devoted mothers and fathers. They are affectionate and loving, supportive and caring parents. They are homebodies, preferring to stay at home with their families than to go out on the town. A Pig's priority is his children, and curse the man who dare to hurt his child or to lay a hand upon him. A Pig can be a real monster when he feels his family is threatened.
The Pig as a ChildPig children are joyous children. They giggle and twirl and are truly enjoyable to be around. These children love to play with other children and usually have many friends. They have confidence in themselves and in others.
The Pig as a FriendPigs are great friends to have on your side. They will nurture you, care for you and make sure you have everything you need. In times of trouble, Pigs are genuine friends who will give you the shirt off of their backs if you need it. They entertain their friends and host parties as often as they can. Any chance to gather n a social setting is enough for a Pig to have a party and most of the time, he doesn't really need an excuse to host one. They are loyal and good-natured, always willing to lend a hand or an ear.
The Pig at HomePigs have comfortable, friendly homes that just invite you in. As much as they love company you can believe their homes are going to reflect materialistic gains. Pigs like to show off assets and pay close attention to their decorations in their homes. They can certainly make something out of nothing; however, they don't make cleaning or chores a top priority.
The Pig on VacationAs much as Pigs love food they would truly enjoy a culinary experience on vacation. When traveling they tend to dine at the finest restaurants, eat the richest chocolate and drink the most expensive champagne. In addition, their natures to be relaxed and laid back would lead them to an easygoing vacation somewhere on an island or in a resort where they can hang out and be completely taken care of.

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Gladie sa...

Horoskop er moro :) Kjøpte en bok for et par år siden og fant ut jeg er kinesisk jordape - og i kombinasjon med den vestlige Jomfruen var resultatet som de beskrev - rett og slett meg. Nesten litt skremmende...

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