søndag 21. oktober 2007

Scrapbooker's Verse

Scrapbooker's Verse

We gather up pictures
and bits of our past
and scrapbook them into
a gift that will last.

We write about milestones
and travels and such--
the times of our lives
that we treasure so much.

A few special photos,
a family tree,
a few thoughtful words
and soon we will see...

The album we've made
is much more than a book.
It's worth even more
than the time that it took.

It's a gift holding memories
and made with great care
by hearts and hands
with love to share.

1 kommentar:

Sonja sa...

Den här dikten var såååå fin - den tar jag Eli! Var har du hittat den?
Den skulle jag gärna vilja använda vid ett bra tillfälle:)

Kram Sonja

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